miðvikudagur, 1. ágúst 2012


er skrifuð 1913-1914 og tileinkuð a Happier Year

" ´And what´s to happen to me?´said Maurice, with a sudden drop in his voice. He spoke in despair, but Mr Lasker Jones had an answer to every question. ´I´m afraid I can only advise you to live in some country that has adopted the Code Napoleon´, he said.
´I don´t understand.´
´France or Italy, for instance. There homosexuality is no longer criminal.´
´You mean that a Frenchman could share with a friend and yet not go to prison?´
´Share? Do you mean unite? If both are of age and avoid public indecency, certainly.´
´Will the law ever be that in England?´
´I doubt it. England has always been disinclined to accept human nature.´

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