sunnudagur, 5. mars 2023

Future lives matter

Ran across an article on BBC that read "Do people yet to be born have climate change rights?" My immediate response to the question is an absolute yes. In fact I believe climate change is more of a concern for future generations than older generations, simply put because of this:

In my personal opinion future generations have always been affected by the doings of older generations, whether it be because of wars fought, plagues or pandemics spread, inflations or economic stability, governments elected, protests and marches, kind words or spread of love, whether sufferings or prosperity, all is handed down from one generation to another meaning that whatever we choose to do, or not do, today will affect the generation to come. Therefore this resonates directly to all of UN's 17 sustainable goals, starting with poverty and ending in partnerships for all goals, every single one of them benefits the survival and well being of humankind and what is humankind if not one generation to the next?

Not having children myself it has never ceased to amaze me when I come across people that e.g. will shrug climate change off with the lame argument that "I will be long dead before that happens" and then to find out that that very person has children and maybe even grandchildren as well. That very person should indeed have any and every interest of securing the well being of any of their future offsprings as a personal interest and not only concerning climate change. For all my adult life I have gladly paid taxes knowing that they are needed to build prosperous societies and I have carefully tried to vote for what I believe to have the best influence to build a well being for all, rich or poor, with sustainable interiors such as public health care, public schools, equality for all and so on. Again, it never ceases to amaze me coming across parents that to me do not think further than their own noses. Well being for all means well being for all your children and future children to come 

The article that sparked this blog is well worth the read, I urge you to click the top link and give it a read. It gives a very good insight on how young people today feel that they have a lesser voice compared to the older generation and how important it is for them to be given the chance to be more active participators in what is their own future. It's also very interesting to learn of the world's first ever future generations commissioner, Sophie Howe, positioned as one in Wales. I hope we will see many more to come in the very near future, not only in every country but in as many governments and companies as possible, including the UN (who have in fact said that they will be making such a position a reality within their organization) as every single sustainable goal certainly needs a spokesperson for future generations

While you're at it, please click also the 2nd link in this blog and find out everything you can about UN's 17 sustainable goals, they matter to us all.

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